We repair old, build new and then leave your home better than we found it; lighter, brighter, and more beautiful.  





photo credit: Photo by  pepe nero  on Unsplash

photo credit: Photo by pepe nero on Unsplash



What atmosphere do you want for your customers?  Nothing makes (or breaks) the customer experience as much as lighting. Ambiance can draw people in, or send them away.  We know what makes lighting great and guide you to the exact atmosphere you want to convey.   



Living on the Central Coast of California means year round access to sun!  If you are ready to drastically reduce or eliminate your electric bills and increase your property value while being environmentally conscious, we can help. 




Green Build

We specialize in sustainable building projects; using less power to make your space more efficient AND beautiful.  




LED lighting consulting and upgrades

LED lights are good for the environment and even better for your pocketbook.  LED lights last longer, which means you will almost never have to remember to buy light bulbs!  We are well versed in the newest technology and can guide you to finding the lights you will love.  





Uh-oh!  Lights out?  Funky switch?  A racoon in the attic chewed the wires?  Give us a call and we will find and fix the problem.